How to Get Your Affairs In Order

Getting Your Affairs In OrderPreparing for a disaster isn’t limited to stocking ample supplies of food and water, honing up on your first-aid, knowing the lay of the land, and practicing basic survival techniques. The unfortunate reality of the world we live in and the very nature of an emergency or disaster is that we never know what’s coming next.

Whether it’s a flash flood, earthquake, wild-fire, home invasion, heart attack, serious illness, or so on, each type of disaster or emergency situation requires a specific set of knowledge and supplies to make it through. Taking the time to get your affairs in order is an important, though often undervalued, part of the preparedness process.

Talking about the loss of life, the passing of a last breath, ascension (or whatever name you’ve grown accustomed to giving death) is a taboo subject at best in most cultures… despite the fact that it’s an unavoidable occurrence for us all. As sad or difficult a concept and reality as that may be for some of us to accept, and as heart-wrenching as it may be for those of us that remain after a loved-one has passed, there are steps we can take to help protect ourselves and those around us before the inevitable occurs.

When it comes to your body, final wishes, and medical preferences, no one knows you better than yourself. Creating a living will is one of many steps that can help clearly communicate your final wishes and protect your family from guilt and indecision that may occur in your last moments here on Earth. Further more, while difficult, creating a will and clearly communicating your wants and needs with your loved ones BEFORE a disaster or emergency occurs can ease an already painful transition period.

I was recently introduced to, a free and well-organized resource that helps gather together and organize final affairs before it’s too late. I urge you all to take a few moments today and take this step towards proper life-preparedness. Visit for more information.

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  1. I did this after I joined the army and was getting sent to Afghanistan. Probably the most surreal moment was writing up my living will. I tell ya, it’s sobering thoughts like this that drive good men to drink.

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