Pro-Knot: The Easy Outdoor Knot Tying Guide

Pro-Knot Knot tying guideI know the importance of a good knot as well as you do. They allow us to secure cargo, repair nets, set fishing lines and traps, scale cliff faces, make weapons and tools, build hammocks, set shelters, and so on. Basically, knot tying has been helping humankind survive for hundreds of thousands of years… though the skill is quickly falling by the wayside.

Tying knots, the ancient and (once) ever evolving mechanical act of securing one thing to an other or securing something to itself… on the literally endless list of possibilities.

This is where knot tying guides like the Pro-Knot Outdoor Knots cards come in handy. Teaching you both the hows and whys of basic knot tying with easy-to-follow visual and verbal cues.

Outdoors Knots Included

  • Bowline
  • Bowline on a Bight
  • Buntline Hitch
  • Butterfly Knot
  • Cleat Hitch
  • Clove Hitch
  • Constrictor Knot
  • Double Fisherman’s
  • Figure Eight
  • Half Hitch
  • Mooring Knot
  • Prusik Knot
  • Rolling Hitch
  • Sheep Shank
  • Sheet Bend
  • Square Knot
  • Tautline Hitch
  • Timber Hitch
  • Trucker’s Knot
  • Water Knot

Whether you’re on the trail, hunkered down at home, or biding your time in an abandoned building after the apocalypse, keeping your skills up to par is key to survival. With step-by-step instructions for 20 essential knots, along with information on how to use each, the riveted durable water-proof set in the Outdoor Knots guide is a must-have for anyone looking to improve or practice this critical survival and outdoors skill-set.

This is a great pocket-sized piece of kit for a bug out bag, backpacking trip, tackle box, or even glove compartment. Stash a small length of paracord with it and you’ve got an easy way to practice knots in your free time.

You can snag a set of the Outdoor Knots guide for $5.95 at, or check out their printable knot guides and fishing knots kit.

Special thanks to Pro-Knots for sending the Outdoor Knots guide for review… and teaching me a few new knots along the way.


  1. wow! great lil guide at a sweet price too.

  2. Jessie (AKA: Dragon)

    This is something everyone should have…You never know when it could come in handy…I know in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts they teach these knots and they work very well…And with this being water proof, hooking these to your BOB, your GHB (Get Home Bag) or whatever survival equipment you will be carrying would be a great idea…
    And with my 2 boys in the scouting program, I’ll be looking into getting a set for each one and myself…

  3. Good to know. If you don’t use them often, it is easy to forget how to tie them.

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