Anti-Zombie Weapons and Defense

Andrew Survivor with sword in tunnelBattling against a Zombie takes a certain amount of finesse. You must avoid being bitten, scratched, or coming into contact with bodily fluids or debris, and you must try to finish the job as quickly and cleanly as possible… all while remaining calm and continuing to be aware of your surroundings. The longer and messier you make the situation, the more likely it is that you will be harmed and/or come into contact with a contagion that could easily cause an end to your life.

While bashing in a few Zombie heads might sound like fun to some folks; you should never fight a Zombie if you don’t have to. Involving yourself in a battle to the death (or re-death as the case may be) is an extremely dangerous thing to do and confrontations with Zombies should be avoided whenever possible.

The time to reach for a weapon is when all else fails… then it’s up to you, your weapons, and a basic set of skills.

What It Takes To Kill A Zombie
Anti Zombie weapons and defense dead zombie1.
Destroy the brain and/or sever the brain-stem. This is the classic “go-to” for Zombie slaying, but it sounds easier than it really is. The Human skull can withstand a surprising amount of force before it opens up to the brain. Well places strikes to the temples are your best bet when using blunt force instruments… and chops to the back of the neck or just under the chin work well for bladed weapons.

2. Realize that not all Zombie types (see: 5 types of Zombie) can be killed or are easy to destroy. Sometimes you can only slow them down. To properly slow an attacking Zombie down you should focus on a few main areas such as the back of the knee, Achilles tendon, eyes, and spinal column. Causing trauma to any one or all of these areas should effectively slow most Zombie types down, giving you enough time to make an escape.

Weapon Attributes
Not all weapons are created equally. Some take more maintenance and training than others, while some aren’t really effective at all. Each type of anti-zombie weapon, has it’s place, but the more versatile your weapon is, the better chance you have at survival.

  • Quick and clean
  • Allows you to keep a safe distance
  • Highly durable
  • Multifunctional
  • Low maintenance
  • Needs little or no training to use

Melee Weapons (close combat non-projectiles):Anti-Zombie melee weaponsWhile melee weapons require to you close the gap between you and your aggressor, they are needed for close-quarter combat in small or semi-confined spaces. The use of a melee weapon often allows for a heightened level of stealth, which could be a life saver.

Machete – Most bladed weapons are a bit of a joke, or require a lot or training to be effective, but just about anyone can pick up a well-made machete and swing it with effect. A great weapon for severing the head, spinal cord, and/or limbs of a Zombie, machetes are also useful tools when working your way through dense brush and heavily wooded areas. I really like the Gerber Gator Kukri as an all around tool and anti-zombie weapon.

Baseball Bat – Easy to find, carry, and maintain, baseball bats are great weapons when fighting against a Zombie or two. While non-lethal in some instances, baseball bats can buy a survivor both time and distance, which is always priceless in a fight against a Zombie.

The lighter weight of an aluminum bat will take it easier on your body and muscles, especially when used for long periods of time or when carried long distances, but the solid core of a wooden bat lends a bit more hitting power and a level of durability that can’t be beat by it’s aluminum counterpart… but we still prefer the quick and easy swing that the lighter of the two offers.

Take a look at the Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher for some serious skull crushing and durability.

Crowbar –  The crowbar is a personal favorite of ours for fending off and dispatching Zombies. Something like the TEKTON 3324 18-Inch Wrecking Bar offers the ability to be used as both a weapon and a multipurpose tool. While an average crowbar is made of steel, making it heavy and difficult to use for longer fights, or against multiple attackers, a great alternative is to find one made out of titanium.

Lighter in weight and much more durable than a steel crowbar, titanium crowbars are more expensive than their steel counterparts, but are well worth the investment if the money is there to spend.

Or you can go the big and burly route with a Stanley FatMax Xtreme 55-120 FuBar III, one of the most badass anti-zombie weapons available today.

Hammer – This extremely short-range weapon is one of the easiest to find and easiest to use… but it puts you well within biting distance, and that is not a place you really want to be. While a hammer is a great anti-zombie weapon for close quarters combat, they should not be relied upon as a primary weapon.

Hatchet Multi-tool – Capable of completely destroying a wooden pallet in a matter of minutes, or decimating a Zombie brain with one good swing, hatchet style multi-tools, like the Trucker’s Friend or theSPAX, are both amazing tools and Anti-Zombie weapons. Relatively lightweight, extremely durable, and highly versatile, these are a favorite for all of us at Zombease.

 Homemade – Simple yet effective anti-zombie weapons can be put together using everyday objects found around the home. Tools like the Pummel Pipe and the Rip Stick are two of our favorites, but anything from a heavy frying pan, to the leg of a chair, or even a kitchen knife, can help buy you time to save your life.

For further details see the Zombease Guide to Melee Weapons

Medium To Long-Range Projectiles:
FirearmsFire Arms –
We are resistant to the use of firearms in a Zombie fight, and we’ve got good reason why. Firearms require ammo, maintenance, and lots of training to make them a truly effective weapon… though you might get lucky with a simple point and shoot.

Unless you are a properly trained and skilled individual, a gun in a Zombie fight can be dangerous to not only you, but to other survivors in the area. Not only can the sound of a firearm going off reverberate far into the distance – signaling any nearby Zombies of your location – there is always the risk of cross-fire, misfires, and stray bullets.

If a firearm must be used, we recommend choosing a weapon that allows for distance (which keeps you clean), silencers (which keep you stealthy), and relatively standard ammo (which helps keep you stocked). If we had to choose a firearm for a Zombie fight, we’d likely go with a handgun or a bolt action rifle. The simplicity and standard design of each lends to ease of use and ease of maintenance.

Crossbows – Although crossbows may not be exceptionally quick, or altogether guaranteed zombie-killers, they can make a great addition to a survival kit and anti-zombie weapon locker. With easily reusable ammunition, relatively simple maintence (depending on the crossbow), and easy operation, cross bows like the The Cobra Self-Cocking Tactical Crossbow make keeping your distance from the undead a little easier.

Incendiaries, Explosives, And Corrosives:
Road Flares secured with Rangerbands
While they might sound like fun, incendiaries, explosives, and corrosives are extremely dangerous and most often impractical for use against a Zombie attack, especially during one on one situations or when fighting small groups of the undead.

Fire – Flaming Zombies present a major problems, they keep on coming. Many Zombie types ignore pain or lack the ability to feel it at all, and so they will continue to pursue their potential victim… even if they remain on fire the whole time. Setting fire to a Zombie simply takes too long to affect the brain and body enough to remove the threat… unless you’ve got a well maintained fire-proof barrier between you and it.

Explosives – These are loud, difficult to use, and very dangerous… even in the hands of a professional. Explosives should only be used as a last resort and you have ample knowledge of how they work. However, if you happen to find yourself surrounded by Zombies with no way out, a big bang would be a hell of a way to say goodbye.

Corrosives – Corrosives, such as acid, are dangerous to handle and not very effective against most Zombie types. While you might blind or temporarily incapacitate a Zombie with a bit of corrosive, they really aren’t worth the effort or worth the personal handling risks.

In Conclusion
Avoid battling with Zombies whenever possible. But, if and when you do find yourself in a situation that you have to fight your way out of, do it quickly and cleanly with whatever is at hand. Focus on the head and brain-stem to properly destroy the Zombie, use common sense, don’t panic, and always treat a weapon with respect.
Jake with bat VS Brandon Zombie* Zombease and the staff of Zombease do not condone or recommend violence or the use of weaponry as practice for Zombie fights. We are not responsible for any accidents, damage to persons or property and/or loss of life occurring from the above stated advice.


  1. Brainnnnnnsssssss! xD Nice blog! I’m sure I’ll be reading a lot of your posts in the near future.

    –> B
    (zombie face)

  2. Thanks for being the first source besides my own blog that I’ve found that does NOT recommend a chainsaw. Chainsaws are just not logical. Thumbs up!

  3. Obviously stealth is preferred but in a situation where you’re not 99% sure you or your group can handle a confrontation (casualty free), then you switch to firearms and do what you came to do acknowledging the risks.
    I agree with your reasoning to be hesitant to involve a firearm in a zombie battle, I can’t help but think that handguns should be preferred over a rifle.
    If you are far enough away that a rifle makes more practical sense than you had might as well run.

    • Rifle trumps handgun in every situation, except when you’re trying to drive your kids to school and shoot at the same time.
      The only reason that, in the military, pistols are even used is because there are times you don’t have your rifle nearby. Even at “close” ranges a rifle is better: you’re more accurate, period. (you can also butt-stroke and bayonet (lol).)

      • Sry Vince but I disagree. Rifles are for long range combat. Pistols are for close, however the best weapon would be a high capacity 9mm carbine for me. The carbine provides the semi long range kill of 100 yds and the close range tight quarter weapon you seek. With the weight of the ammo and the size you not only optimise weight but space of mags as well. The 9mm will kill at 100 yds leave no doubt, but for a longer distance the rifle would be preferred. Pistols are the perfect close quarter back up due to size and magazine capacity.

      • I find that neither a rifle or a handgun would be ideal in an urban environment. This is because the sounds will bounce off the walls and damage your ears, and if you’re inside you can burst yourear drums. The only way to avoid this is to either use ear protection (which will mean you won’t hear zombies very well), or you only use a gun outdoors in an open area. Or, alternatively, you could use a melee weapon or a quiet ranged weapon like a crossbow or bow and arrow. Also it os hard to get your hands on a gun now, let alone in a zombie apocalypse.

      • Max, here’s a link to some hearing protection I have. It amplifies quiet noises and stops gunfire from damaging your eardrums. I shoot with a .45 ACP and these puppies are wonderful.

  4. I think that a shotgun would be even better that a rifle seeing you can put buckshot in a shotgun and even a child could point it in the general direction of a zombie if needed. Rifles are a little more skill oriented to use if not trained. With a shotgun and a slug you can easily hit targets 100 yds away and still have tons of knockback power.

    • That’s true Todd, but we also have to consider the massively explosive sound of a shotgun, and the force of the kickback when using a slug.

      We took a slug to a watermelon recently, and it completely disintegrated the melon, but it hurt our shoulder like hell, and the boom was loud enough to call Zombies from miles around… had there been any lurking nearby.

      We like a well-made rifle because of quick reload times, relative ease of operation, and less collateral damage. But really… it’s each to their own, as long as they outlive the undead hordes!

      • It only hurt like hell because you probably don’t shoot shotguns that much!

        • Hey man: I’m sure that had we had more practice using a shotgun loaded with slugs it wouldn’t have been so bad. However, another Zombease crew member, the owner of the firearm, experienced a similar discomfort, despite his semi-frequent practice with said shell-type.

          The reality is that regardless of practice, shotguns kick and they kick hard (harder when loaded with things like slugs). Even it that doesn’t result in pain or discomfort for the user, it doesn’t make for a very effective anti-zombie weapon.

          The size and weight of the firearm, combined with the large and loud cartridges, just don’t make a shotgun that practical.

      • CHEZ BAGER

  5. Ever consider a smaller gauge shotgun such as a 20 gauge. As a gun retailer I often change the mind of many women and small framed shooters who are fraud of the ‘scary’ kick and noise a 12 gauge produces. While 20 gauge shells are slightly less numerous than 12 gauge they are still very very common, not to mention lighter weight.

  6. good point on the smaller people, I wonder what the potential of a 20 gauge compared to a 12 would be in the same situations.
    Might have to see if anyone I know haw them & check it out.

  7. I Shoot everything from 8 gauge shotguns to high powered rifles, now i deer hunt with a shotgun mostly because of where i live we cannot use rifles and i have killed deer with a 20 gauge at 100 yards, so if you would use buckshot at approx 30 yards or less i don’t think it would be a problem and a 20 gauge has hardly any recoil, you could even use a .410 thats almost no recoil at all that a child could use it. Now i relize that noise might be a problem but id rather have a little noise and bug out of the area, than have to hit something close up, the idea is to keep them away. I would like to say i can load a shotgun just as fast as a rifle depending on if it it clip fed or not most rifles that are common hunting rifles are not clip fed.

  8. Reading a recent article in fur-fish-game shed some light on shotguns that I had not realized. To summarize the advancements in rifled slug barrels, optics, and sabot ammo have made the once 40yd lethality range of a slug gun to possible ranges of up to 250 yards. What this means to me is instead of carrying a rifle and a shotgun now just carry an interchangeable barrel shotgun. I.E. one solid receiver with a rifled barrel and a smooth barrel. With the huge variance of ammo from dove/target loads (little recoil, notice not much louder than a small calibre hunting rifle) to turkey loads, goose loads, buckshot, slugs, and various defensive loads makes the shotgun a very viable one gun option. Since most hunting and even military engagement occur within 100 yds the shotgun has you covered. As both an firearms dealer, avid shooter and prior USMC infantryman and firearms instructor I can attest the report from a shotgun really isn’t much louder than many firearms. It seems so when right next to it but for those listening the diffence in decibels is not that much more or less noticeable.

    For those who do not have the money or firearm knowledge or like me don’t want to carry multiple firearms the shotgun is the multitool of guns and is also easy to pick up and shoot. To reduce recoil simply shoot a lighter loaded shell and/or invest $10 in a recoil pad.

    Just my two cents…hope it helps at least one person. Cheers.

  9. Just a second thought. Add a breaching muzzle attachment and/or a bayonet and you have a solid melee reach weapon for when shooting the zombie is not the best option. :)

  10. At the risk of sounding like I’m jumping on the Darryl Dixon bandwagon… I can’t help but notice that there is no mention of any type of bow or crossbow. While they do require more training than a bat, they are worth learning how to use. Range, stealth, stopping power (with the right tip ans some practice), and the ammo is readily available (not to mention recoverable after practice and/or battle.

    • Why does everyone love that guy so much….
      Just kidding. I’ve actually been wanting to add both of those things to the list for a while Brad, but I haven’t had the opportunity to get much experience in with them yet or interview folks that have.

      Keep your eyes out though, everything on Zombease is constantly evolving as new information is learned about the Undead!

    • I do agree with the crossbow, but, how effective would it be with twenty zombies around you? How fast/slow is the reload, totally depends on the person nd situation

      • my brother(23) built a crossbow and shot it through 5 classrooms and it landed firmly in a whiteboard, if built well it and if you are experienced it can be used quite well.

  11. I want to do some reviewing of bows as well. They are definitely useful weapons but take a lot more training and know how than most other weapons. As for DD from Walking Dead, I can understand why so many like him. He’s like the go to guy. Has all the qualities that people want. Honorable, self sufficient, willing to put himself at risk for others without a thought, can hunt, can protect you etc etc. Women want to date him and men want to be him, isn’t that the line? lol

    • Yeah…but I bet he smells like sweat all the time. :)

      • I think melee weapons are a bit safer then gun , due to the stealth factor and guns require excessive maintenance, It does take lots of effort to constantly swing a heavy weapon like a large blade ( sword like weapons …) but when we are talking about worst case scenario I wouldn’t think it would matter as much as staying alive. Also on a side note I love this site, great information and tips on how to prepare , can’t ask for better.

        • They now make 24-28″ machete sword-type weapons, which can be carried on your side or your back, are very lightweight and sturdy, which allows you to carry more than one edged weapon and not wear yourself down with weight. You can wear this easily with a firearm of any type available when reconnoitering. If we fall back to the stage when we cannot buy or find guns, we will be limited once against to edged weapons. I do not however, understand why people do not realize that they can make their own firearms, knives, swords and machetes, as has been done for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. If it’s possible to kill people at war with combat suits, or wooly mammoths, we can kill off zombies and retake the earth despite the t-cell virus. Also where are the 500 million firearms in America supposed to go? This is fun, guys, but it does require a little thinking.

  12. ROFLMAO! good point.

  13. Well, for bows i can understand they are silent and pack a heck of a punch but the learning curve for a bow is pretty high, like i have said in earlier posts i hunt a lot and i do bow hunt for deer and bear, but unlike a gun a bow is something that takes long time to master and constant practice to keep very good with it, now im not sure about crossbows seeing as i dont use them. but i would assume it would almost be the same as a rifle. Most people can pick up a gun and be adequete at it.

  14. i reccomend a wakazashi wich is shorter than a katana but long enough that you have good range (a little over 2 feet) so it could be used in more close quarter situations like inside a house

    • Englebert Humperdink

      Katanas and their smaller brethren require a draw-cutting technique to be effective. If you’ve been trained in the use of a katana, by all means use it. If you haven’t, go for something easier to use, like a baseball bat. Or, if you can find one, a medieval-type broadsword. A cricket bat is the ultimate blunt object for zombie-killing, but good luck trying to find one this side of the Atlantic.

      • Samurai Frank Braam

        Just go to any West Indian or East Indian neighborhood that has sports stores. They carry Cricket bats. Plus, you can order anything on Amazon!

      • Don’t forget the machete, which practically anyone can use and don’t need special training for. Just as effective as a sword or big Rambo survival knife or kukri, fast as a whip and can decapitate in an instant, even in a tight space. They range from standard military machetes to Ninja sword style machetes, and Kukri machete, and all are extremely effective. I own 20 different machetes types, am not any specially trained expert, except on my own yard and basic training in the U.S. Army years ago.

  15. I second your logic on firearms.

    All to often, firearms are portrayed as the go to weapons of the zpaw.

    But, realistically, discharging a firearm alerts every zombie in the area to your position, as well as other predators.

    As such, cqc with melee weapons should be preferred for stealth until such a time that enemy numbers make melee combat unfavorable. Or, in other words, save your ammo until you’re up shit creek.

    • I really like the spear idea, back in olden times before firearms the general soldiery were given spears because just about anyone can use a spear without any training, and it keeps a good distance from what you are trying to kill.

      • Sure is Todd, the main drawbacks are the same as the advantages though, spears are BIG, long enough to be awkward to transport and use indoors (but not impossible, by any stretch), when swung, they also make a good quarter staff, and halberd, depending on design.

      • the Zulu iklwa/short assegai is a short spear meant for stabbing and slashing. Its only 3 ft long with the spear head a foot long. It was invented by Shaka Zulu who thought the longer spears were to heavy and cumbersome for close quarters combat. I recommend getting one. I bought one from Cold Steel for about $40.00. It can also be honed to razor sharpness with a file or a stone. The long assegai and Boar spear are good against walkers to those who are more comfortable with keeping more distance between them and the enemy/prey/predators.

  16. What u need is some shuriken or throwing knives. You can by them off of BUDK.

  17. A note on tactics:

    As the commanding officer at the U.S. military base in South Korea said in “World War Z”: “Minds are divine, but those knees? They work just fine!”

    Whether fighting a zombie or a living opponent, your goal should NOT be to “kill ’em all” unless you’re part of an organized defense, particularly if you’re facing off against a group. Your goal should be to escape. It doesn’t matter what causes the dead to rise; a zombie with a broken leg is a zombie that won’t be coming after anyone faster than they can drag their carcass along the ground by hand. If you’re facing a single zombie, this tactic can be used to set them up for a killing blow, while a small group can be disabled enough to run from.

    I have very little experience with firearms, so I don’t know how well this would work with them, but when unarmed or using a melee weapon, your best bet is to wait until they get within range and take a step. If you can catch them in mid-step, with one foot off the ground and all their weight focused on the one leg, that’s even better. Either step to the side and deliver a single, stomping kick to the side of the knee, as hard as you can; if you do it right, this will break the leg, rendering that zombie the next best thing to immobile. If you have a melee weapon, you can swing it into the same spot, setting your target up for a killing strike; if you’re unarmed, your best bet is to escape while the zombie struggles to figure out what just happened.

    • And that’s exactly why we open up this guide with: While bashing in a few Zombie heads might sound like fun to some folks; you should never fight a Zombie if you don’t have to. Involving yourself in a battle to the death (or re-death as the case may be) is an extremely dangerous thing to do and confrontations with Zombies should be avoided whenever possible.

      The time to reach for a weapon is when all else fails… then it’s up to you, your weapons, and a basic set of skills. :)

  18. great comment about striking the knees. It is very sound combat principle. disable your opponent and they are easily dispatched or avoided.

  19. don’t use shot guns!
    they blow the zombies to bits an spray bits and blood everywhere, and shotguns only have a maximum of 200 meter range. but if you use a type of shot called ‘buck shot’ it will blow a large hole through them.
    good luck when the apocolypse comes.

  20. I see a lot of people talking about shuriken and throwing knives, as well as throwing other weapons like axes.

    I hate to break it to everyone, but it’s not nearly as easy as it’s shown in the movies. Small throwing weapons like shuriken and knives were specifically designed to be used that way, and were rarely fatal at the first hit; for the most part, they were used to deliver poison. You MIGHT be able to hunt small game with them, but their light weight makes them more vulnerable to shifts in the wind, and if you’re not careful you’ll end up losing your weapon.

    As for axes and hatchets, again, it’s a very bad idea to throw one that wasn’t designed for it. Balance issues aside, hitting the target at the wrong angle can cause serious damage to the blade or even cause the handle to snap, and unless you get a solid hit on the head, hard enough to break through the skull (very difficult), it’s not likely to do much against a zombie. That being said, it IS possible to buy throwing axes and even replicas of weapons like the francesca, which was designed to be used both in melee and thrown, but it was mainly thrown as a mass-combat tactic to soften enemies up before moving in for the kill.

    One throwing weapon I do recommend is the spear. It’s not difficult to learn, it tends to be sturdy and on a good throw it will pack enough momentum to at least knock the zombie down and make getting back up awkward, letting you move in for the kill. For similar reasons, you can use it to hunt moderate-sized game, and in melee combat it’s guaranteed to keep a distance between you and whatever you’re fighting. Even if a zombie manages to get in close, a spear can easily be used as a staff to trip the undead up, and if you have a moderate knowledge of woodworking and a little time you can replace a broken shaft without needing power tools.

    The spear’s weaknesses as an anti-zombie weapon are many, though. It’s bulky, and relatively heavy compared to many other weapons, and unless you get one designed to slash as well as thrust, putting a zombie down with one is a chancy effort at best. My best advice for using a spear as an anti-zombie weapon is to stab into the torso and then use that leverage to force the zombie onto its back for a killing blow with a blade or blunt weapon.

  21. You should see the shotgun I use. Fully modded Siaga 12 semi auto 12g with a 20 rd drum. I keep the drum filled with 1 oz rifled slugs for the initial GOOD scenario.

  22. The .22LR is probably the best zombie killing round.
    – Enough to penetrate the skull (If you’re within 70 Yards but it’ll probably be effective further).
    – You don’t really need to go beyond 70 yards for a defensive situation.
    – You won’t get splashed with infected bodily fluid if you’re 70 yards away.
    – A good supply of ammo to be looted.
    – Much more quiet than the other types of ammo.
    – Cheap; I can get 2,000 rounds for $100.

  23. Great points Henry. I love my .22 for the same reasons. And if you get sub-sonic rounds, they’re even quieter. 12g shotgun definitely havs its place in my dream arsenal though. Nothing works better as a room cleaner LoL. then I’d prefer a 308 for distance. Good for hunting too.

  24. I can see that you’ve put a lot of thought into this. I wonder, do you have any thoughts on armour or bodily protection? If I’m gearing up to fight the zombies on my lawn, should I slap on some football gear or should I just slip on my old leather jacket?
    Thanks for reading :)

  25. If you wanna kill any type of zombie, You just have to SMACK IT ON A HEAD and say RESSPECTTT MYYY AUTHORITAAAAAA’ and then the kitty is just fine!!!!

  26. LoL I have that Cartman bit as a ring tone on my cell.

  27. to be completely honest the best weapon for the slandered zombie is the 22lr if you plan ahead of time the ammo is super cheap and the guns of this caliber are also fairly priced it has enough power to bust through a skull at close range which is really the only time u should kill a zombie and also the ammo is cheap and very light weight. i could carry 5 rounds of 22lr compared to one round of .223 or 7.62

    • Corey, I have to disagree. For one, I don’t think that there is any ONE “best” weapon for dealing with the undead. But, I also believe that the more components need to operate a defensive item, the less useful it is likely to be. For instance, anything that takes reloading, has a limited resource of ammunition, or had multiple steps for maintenance.

      Firearms work well for short-term outbreaks or if you somehow have a vast number (10,000+) of rounds of ammunition that you are also able to easily transport.

  28. I would have to agree with both of you. 22lr is a great tool against zombies, and small game. Its quiet, very easy to shoot and transport. Cheap and you can find 22lr rounds almost anywhere. You can stockpile 22lr rounds much much much cheaper than anything other than simple rocks for a slingshot.
    That being said, if you have to rely on firearms, you have to rely on supply and keep your weapons clean & in working order. A semi automatic 22, which is lets face it, fairly cheap, is also cheaply made. Easier to break down, while a simple single shot bolt action have very few parts. That being said, you have just as much problem with compound bow, or crossbows. If a simple recurve is used, its easier to maintain.
    Hand to hand melee weapons are useful and don’t have to rely on ammo or moving parts. You do have to maintain an edge and make sure to not break the blade.
    They each have their benefits and their drawbacks.
    Personally, I figure to have a 22 for mid range and varmints. my compound bow for hunting and silence. multiple throwing weapons that I am training with at different distances and of course my many many melee weapons which include multiple weapons that have been covered here.

  29. I feel that the zombie guides on this site are extremely helpfull if the unthinkable should happen as it is hard to find firearms in britain capable of dealing with flesh hungry monsters. Could someone do an guide on food search tips? And once again great guide

    • Thank you! I’ll do my best to meet your request. – Jake

    • Hey Declan, I can understand how difficult it is to find firearms in Britian, but just for your information, even a .22 calibre can kill a human. It has the power to penetrate the skull, once, then it’ll just bounce around in the skull. So pretty much any firearm can be used except for a bb gun (air gun), or a pellet gun, though I’ve seen some pellet guns that could be modified so who knows.

  30. I make my own weapons – there nothing fancy and there held together by electrical tape, hot glue, string, and dumb luck – but I think they would hold together long enough to smash some skulls. one of my favorites is a huge hammer made of about 120 jenga blocks, a lead pipe, tape, and a lot of hot glue so I could have some fun.

  31. I was thinking if you want to kill a zombie really quiet and you are experienced whit Bow and Arrows will be good option they are easy to make, very easy to carry and not loud at all they are medium ranged and so on, for melee weapon baseball bat whit 10-15 screws will do a good job, hand carrying nail compressor will do a god job just aim for head 😉 and have a bag of nails always whit you. And they are not so heavy.

  32. Bow is definitely a plus because of silence and if you’re not using a compound (or have it lower weight) you can make your own arrows (which i’ve done). Crossbow does have one benefit with being able to shoot laying down or in weird positions. I’ve used crossbow pistols and even they can take time to reload. That being said, a compound bow is slower to fire than a regular recurve. So really, either should work, but i’d go bow way before crossbow personally. If they’re close, the bow would be put down, shotgun OR run like hell if its a crowd lol

  33. For me a shotgun, silenced Galil, 10 Tomahawks, a silenced Sniper for long range, and two silenced Desert Eagle pistols are the perfect choices for the end of days

  34. If you had to choose 3 weapons for the apocalypse excluding your pocket knife and multi-purpose knife, which ones would those be (Availability of ammo counts) ?

    • I would take a crowbar and a bolt-action rifle. Done. I’m more of a general survivor than I am a warrior.

    • Great question Rick.
      I would choose my gladius machete (worked great for romans and from what I’ve done, it can go through hell and keep on going)
      A recurve bow (i like my compound but you can’t make your own arrows, the force destroys the arrows from everything I’ve read) so I can make arrows if I need to (which I have in the past). If I had my choice, I’d grab a mongol short bow. I saw a 15 yr old using one, Huge impact from the sound it was making when the arrows hit the target and being shorter much easier to move with.
      The last weapon i’m torn between a .17 hmr (the kinetic force they deliver makes a .22 look like a bb gun lol, seriously, explodes ground squirres) or a .22. Ammo for the .22 is HUGELY available and could be scrounged at almost every farm/ranch/store you find and since it can easily pierce a human skull (once and then just bounces around) its totally useful in a zpoc. You can hunt small game with it and its fairly quiet even without using subsonic rounds.

  35. I think I would prefer a crowbar as compared to a machete. Crowbars can be used to crack doors or scavenge resources while having a good swing range whereas machetes are killing machines. Crowbars can be easily strapped to your belt or back but I surely won’t want a machete hanging from my belt while on the run or jumping over fences. Bows are a good idea but I, not being an expert would prefer an axe.
    For long range I would surely carry a .17 hmr.

    Thanks for replying!!

  36. Fireworks will draw them away from camp or from a store that you are trying to get into

  37. I’m not looking to be a hero, but if I have to warrior/man up then I would try to make distractions away from my position like throwing rocks or fireworks, flares whatever to make /sight/noise in the other direction. Camo, ghilly suit, melee like spear or tomahawk/bowie combo. If I had no other way to avoid it I’d use firearms (silenced of course) I DO NOT Wanna make noise as it attracts them like flies to s*!t. If all else fails, gtf outta there!!

  38. I think flamethrower is the stronger than

  39. Samurai sword anyone? Quiet and decapitates!

  40. The strongest melee weapon : wrech

  41. id go for a short naginata (30cm blade, 120cm shaft). That’s nice silent kills and the extended reach provides both safety as well as enough force for a quick decapitation. Yeah i’m well aware that the chances of just finding one laying around are slim but there are a number of them in museums nearby and i am confident enough at bladesmithing that i think i could make my own that i could rely on if need be.

  42. I disagree with your comments about not using guns. While yes they are loud, with a silencer they can be very quiet, and while they need ammo, if you stockpile before, and use proper SOPs after SHTF you can use guns for a long time after.

    One more thing, why do you say “If we had to choose a firearm for a Zombie fight, we’d likely go with a handgun or a bolt action rifle.”

    Bolt actions wouldn’t have the rate of fire to be useful against multiple zeeks, and it would be useless in close quarters. Don’t get me wrong, they would make good wall guns or long range weapons, but as primary I would take semi auto.

    • Hi David,

      I actually address all of these things in the above article, here is the section:

      “If a firearm must be used, we recommend choosing a weapon that allows for distance (which keeps you clean), silencers (which keep you stealthy), and relatively standard ammo (which helps keep you stocked). If we had to choose a firearm for a Zombie fight, we’d likely go with a handgun or a bolt action rifle. The simplicity and standard design of each lends to ease of use and ease of maintenance.”

      Having said that, not all silencers are equal, someone still has to carry the ammo, mechanical things always need repair and replacement parts, and a marksman is only as good as his aim. The final note there is another reason we recommend a bolt action rifle. Single shot mechanisms force users to focus on their shot, to take their time and make each mark count. Blanket spraying is just another way to make too much noise, waist ammunition, miss your mark, and possibly get someone hurt. – Jake

  43. I read many comments but some things never mentioned is how to make suppressor sand the disabling a zombie by taking out the knees and just running leaves one more dead to fight later and makes u have to look down which is not a humans normal line of sight being predators

  44. remember zombies are no danger at a good distance

  45. I will stick with my lasers I can shoot out of my eyes and my ability to fly. It must suck to be a mere mortal.

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