Win A Zombie-Breaker!

Recently, we did a review for Innovation Factory’s – Trucker’s Friend; and with a sturdy build, light weight, high versatility, and bad-ass design, this multi-tool / Anti-Zombie weapon has earned a permanent home in the Zombease Armory. (you can read our full review here)

We feel quite a bit safer with the Trucker’s Friend in tow, and we bet you would too. So that’s why the generous folks over at Innovation Factory have decided to donate four of these amazing multi-tool / Anti-Zombie weapons for us to give to you, our loyal fans and supporters.

Enter to win by liking us on facebook and leaving a comment on how you would use the Trucker’s Friend during a Zombie outbreak. We’ll be announcing one winner a week over the next four weeks (September 17th – October 8th 2012). *

*All entries must be received no later than 12:00 midnight 10/7/2012 EST. Entrants must be 18 years or older in age to be eligible to win. One entry per person. Winners will be selected randomly on 9/17, 9/24, 10/1 and 10/8 using a 3rd party application. Open to US residents only… sorry.


  1. i would use trucker friend each time I would need to clear a room to get supplies to survive

  2. I would use it to split the brain suckers heads open and every once in awhile when i got time see if i can behead them cleanly

  3. Of course I would use it to bust their melons. Lol

  4. In any situation that requires hacking, prying, pulling or pounding, I’ll feel real peace of mind with this serious tool in hand.
    •Innovation Factory is now my only source for Zombie gitters.
    •Merchant SKU: IF 221 (Translation; “Works well on Merchant Marine Zombies to Stun, Kill and Unhead: Iconoclast Felling up to 221 Zombies at any one outbreak)
    •Curved Axe (fully resharpenable and relatively undentable if I accidentally hit a grave marker)
    •Hammer and Nail Puller (Great for pulling out fingernails)
    •Spanner (I repeat; I can get 221 Zombies in a single span)
    •Pry Bar and Lever (Easy to pry a Zombie off my mother-in-law {if I so choose})
    •Tire Chain Hook (Nice feature for dragging them around the perimeter of the cemetery)
    •Wire Twist (for removing lightweight Zombies)
    •Ice and Debris Remove (Good for clean-up on those chilly nights)
    •Cast Alloy Tool-Steel Blade and Shank (heat treated for Zombies from Hell)
    •Rust Resistant Matte Finish (Keeps matted Zombie hair from ruining the finish)
    •Fiberglass Handle (non-conducting) Just in case I run into an Electrical Zombie
    •Shock Absorbing Powergrip (Keeps me from getting those re-verbs on a really hard hit)
    •Professional Sheath Included (Nice feature, my friends will be impressed when they see me make that “manly move” as I slam my Zombie Getter back in its place)
    •Backed by a ‘Hassle-Free’ Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (Nice offer but I don’t plan on abusing the Zombie Getter. I’m just a little cup-up!)
    •Made in USA; sold in Transylvania, Budapest, London (only on foggy nights), and most kiosks located around your neighborhood cemetery and crematorium (no smoking plese!)
    Thank you and may the farce be with you.

  5. To kill Zombies of courpse…..

  6. pair this up with an Official MacGyver Paperclip™ and I’ll have built not just Fortress Maximus, but Optimus Prime as well to light our darkest hour during a zed outbreak.

    barring that, I would use it as an all-around tool to get temporary and/or permanent bases of operation setup. it’s just a handy tool to have whatever the case; there will be no shortage of need for a multi-use/multi-function tool.

  7. I remember a game some of my friends played. Driving by mailboxes and knocking them off with a baseball bat.. This would put a whole spin against the zombies!

  8. Please Pick me!! I would be ready for anything then!

  9. the truckers friend for close quarterswork 1911 for out of intermediate AK-47 for mid range 50 cal for long range work

  10. I’d use it to set up my camp and of course, crack some cranium

  11. i would use it as a offensive weapon, but would also use it every day because im a trucker!

  12. i would use the trucker’s friend zombie killer to slay those tomato-brained finger-munchers so my cat and I could escape back to Cleveland, the safest post-apocalyptic city in America. And also for destroying cantaloupes because everyone does it with watermelons (I commented on the facebook page too)

  13. I would use the truckers friend zombie killer to bust any zombie blocking my path and chop through obstacles of any sort in my way.

  14. I would attach it to a swing arm on the front of my zombie mobile. Plus each one of us would have one in hand also.

  15. 1. Smash 2. Chop 3. Repeat

  16. it would come in handy for my zombie crushing truck

  17. I would use the trucker friend ninja style to protect my kids.

  18. Having trouble with the link to the review. . . . :(

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